ScapeRoom 2022: A vigorous escape from linear economy via international collaboration

First held in 2021 as part of the European Researchers’ Night, ScapeRoom 2022 is the second public activity of the gamification trilogy titled CIRCULAR IN PLAY, which is a recipient of the first EELISA Joint Inter-institutional Activities in Communities fund. This year, ScapeRoom is being held during the 2022 Madrid Science and Innovation Week. The Circular EELISA Community organizes the activity in which teams of students will participate in different challenges under the form of a gymkhana, with the aim of awakening curiosity and interest around the Circular Economy and social and civic skills. It is aimed at undergraduate and master students. Two different challenges will be the means for participants, with the help of researchers, to solve research questions on these topics, which will help them become familiar with the way of working in science and technology and its relationship with the challenges of society.

The EELISA Inclusiveness Forum

How to create a campus environment that is welcoming and inclusive? How to adapt your teaching to meet the different background of your students? How to attract young women in STEM programs? How to ensure academic success for students from different backgrounds? Anyone working in higher education has asked these questions at least once. If it is also your case we invite you to participate in the EELISA European University Inclusiveness Forum. On October 6 from 10h00 to 12h30 CET the EELISA partners share best practices in favor of inclusiveness and regarding: – Gender balance – Students from disadvantaged backgrounds and different social origins, (including refugees) – Students with special needs This is an inclusive and open event, everyone is warmly welcome to participate! For more information and registration: