Mustafa İnan Central Library on Ayazağa Main Campus aims to organize and maintain the circulation of library materials in and outside of the library in order to facilitate education, research and scientific activity in the university while providing ground for the intellectual and personal growth of its users.
The Library works 7 days and 24 hours. Users in this library can borrow materials at any time.
International Faculties on Contract and International Researchers on Contract can borrow library materials using their ITU ID cards. They are required to create a library account online and submit a copy of their work contract to the Information Desk on their first visit to the library for borrowing books.
On the other hand, Non-Contracted Visiting Scholars may benefit from on-site library sources. They are not allowed to barrow books.

For more information about creating library account, borrowing details and loan periods, please go to the website:

Contact Information:

Mustafa Inan Central Library

Information Desk



(0212) 285 30 13

(0212) 285 30 13 / Extension: 4121

(0212) 285 30 13 / Extension: 6619


Mustafa Inan Central Library also has several branches on different campuses. Below are the list of the branches:



Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Ratip BerkerLibrary


(0212) 293 13 00/ Extension: 2163

Faculty of ArchitectureLibrary


(0212) 293 13 00/ Extension: 2346

Faculty of ManagementLibrary


(0212) 293 13 00/ Extention: 2024

Turkish Music State Conservatory
Ercümend Berker &Prof. Ş. Şehvar BeşiroğluLibrary Archive and Documentation Center


(0212) 293 13 00/ Extension: 2189

Maritime Faculty Library Tuzla/İSTANBUL

(0216) 395 10 64/ Extension: 1194

Center For Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM) Library


(0212) 247 17 33 /Extension: 129

School of Foreign Languages Library Maçka/İSTANBUL

(0212) 293 13 00/ Extension: 2174