The researcher prints and sign the work contract and applies for a work visa at the nearest Turkish embassy/consulate. The documents requested for work visa may vary from one country to another. Please refer to the web site of the related consulate/embassy for the required documents.
The applicant is given a reference number by the consulate/embassy provided that they are found eligible to work in Turkey. Researcher must inform BAP of the corresponding reference number so that BAP can immediately initiate the work permit procedures with the respective department at the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services. Required documents at this stage are:

- Work contract
- Passport
- Covid-19 test result
- Passport photo
- Original diploma and notary certified translation of the diploma

The Ministry finalizes the evaluation process within a maximum 30 days. Upon an approval of the Work Permit application by the Ministry; once the payment of the visa fee, residence and work permit fees have been made by the project coordinator on behalf of the researcher, the Ministry sends out an online instruction to Turkish embassy/consulate for issuing a work visa for the applicant. The applicant is required to collect his visa at his earliest convenience. The start date of the visa and of the work permit may differ. Please refer to the work permit validation date before making any travel arrangements as you will be denied entrance to Turkey before the start-date of the work permit.

If the researcher is already in Turkey and has a 6-month-length residence permit at minimum, than the process starts with the direct application to the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services and ends with the provision of work permit following the payment of necessary fees by the project coordinator mentioned above.

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