International Faculties On Contract and International Researchers on Contract  (salaried researchers)  may apply for an ITU ID card along with their ITU e-mail account at the Card Processing Center which serves under the Information Technologies Directorate as soon as the registration to the Personnel Automation System is completed by the respective unit, that is, by Personnel Affairs Directorate for faculties on contract and by BAP for salaried researchers. Registration to the system is generally completed on the same day as the work contract becomes effectual.   

On the other hand, Non-Contracted Visiting Scholars’ registration to the Personnel Automation System is completed not automatically but only on the request of the host unit. The host unit is required to inform the Rectorate/ Personnel Affairs Directorate upon the acceptance of the visiting scholar and request an assignment letter (Görevlendirme Yazısı) to secure the registration to Personnel Automation System and in turn, to secure the provision of a Temporary Guest Card to the visiting scholar.

All international staff are required to visit the Card Processing Center in person and submit one passport size photograph to ensure that they receive their ITU ID card and their ITU e-mail address.

The ITU ID Card enables access to the following on Campus:
- Entrance to all campuses
- Entrance to dining halls and purchasing lunch and evening meal
- Borrowing books from the Library
- Fine payments for overdue books at the Library
- Entrance to the sport facilities
- Entrance to the parking areas

Family members of the international scholars residing on Ayazağa Campus at ITU public housing or ITU guesthouses are eligible to obtain a family ID card which provide access to the campus as well as to some facilities on campus, provided that these family members have a valid Foreigner ID.
Off-campus family residents are not eligible for a university ID. They can visit campus anytime and use the facilities as family guests.

Contact Information:
Card Processing Center
(0212) 285 39 30