Financial and Banking Services

There are banking services located around the Ayazağa Campus which provide banking facilities and services to students, staff and visitors.
Vakıfbank is situated next to the Yılmaz Akdoruk Guesthouse with its ATMs.
Additionally, ATMs of other banks are available at strategic locations around the campus, the area near the Civil Engineering Faculty is the main ATM Zone on campus.

Services provided by Vakıfbank:
- General Banking Services
- ATM Facilities
- Fee Payment services
- Private health insurance policy services

Contact Information

Vakıfbank ITU

0 (212) 276 3608

Call Center

444 0 724

Postal Services (PTT)

Even in the age of digitalization, some things are only achievable with postal mail. The post office (PTT) is located behind the Faculty of Science and Letters, on Arıoğlu Yolu. Please refer to ITU Map for location. 

Services provided by PTT:
- International money order and order payment
- Domestic money order and order payment
- Bill payment services
- Foreign exchange transactions
- E-state password
- Insurance agents transactions
- Air Mail, express mail, registered mail services
- PTTcell new line purchases and activation…        

Contact Information


0 (212) 276 2026

PTT Customer Support & Call Center

444 17 88