DEP Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Manegement Institute Building (Ayazağa)
BEB Informatics Institute Building (Ayazağa)
DMB Maritime Vocational School Building (Ayazağa)
EEB Electrical and Electronics Engineering Building (Ayazağa)
FEB Faculty of Science and Letters Building (Ayazağa)
GDB Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Building (Ayazağa)
HVZ Olimpic Pool (Ayazağa)
INB Civil Engineering Building (Ayazağa)
KSB Cultural and Art Association (Ayazağa)
KMB Chemical and Metallurgical Chemistry Building (Ayazağa)
KORT Tennis Courts (Ayazağa)
MED Central Lecture Hall (Ayazağa)
MEDB Gölet Lecture Hall (Ayazağa)
MDB Mining Engineering Building (Ayazağa)
MOB Motors Building (Ayazağa)
PYB Project Management Building (Ayazağa)
RSLN-M Ruhi Sarıalp Seminar Hall-Physical Education Department (Ayazağa)
SLN-M Sports Hall - Physical Education Department (Ayazağa)
SDKM Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center Building (Ayazağa)
SMB Sports Center Building (Ayazağa)
STD İTÜ Olympic Stadium (Ayazağa)
SYM Fitness Center (Ayazağa)
UUB Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering Building (Ayazağa)
UZEM Distance Learning Center Building (Ayazağa)
YDB Structural Engineering Building (Ayazağa)
MOBGAM Dr. Orhan Öcalgiray Molecular Biology-Biotechnology and Genetics Research Center (Ayazağa)
ENB Energy Institute Building (Ayazağa)
HLB Hydraulic Laboratory Building (Ayazağa)