As a Foreigner ID number is an obligation to open a bank account, non-contracted visiting scholars are required to wait until they receive their residence permit to open a bank account.
However, if they are not able to wait to receive their residence permit and urgently need to open a bank account, then they can do so at certain banks. In this case, the banks which open accounts without a Foreigner ID may ask for extra deposits and impose some conditions. This regulation is subject to change from bank to bank. Therefore, it is highly recommended to wait for the residence permit and then open a bank account.
Vakıfbank which is located on the Ayazağa Campus is one of the banks that opens a bank account without a Foreigner ID. The following supporting documents are requested for opening a bank account there:
- Tax ID number
- Passport
- A housing document (It can be a rental contract, or a document from the Housing Department if you stay at ITU guesthouses.)
- ITU guest card (not a must but may expedite the process)
For detailed information on the bank please click here

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