International faculties on contract, typically, are not Turkish citizens however they hold the same academic appointment with their Turkish counterparts and generally are involved in research activities or serve as full-time teaching staff members.

Being the key members of the academic work force, full-time faculties play very important role in curriculum development, institutional governance and student advising.

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How to Apply

International scholars willing to be a part of faculty/department at ITU send their request directly to the Chairperson of the academic department they wish to join. It is recommended to attach a Resume/CV, list of publications, and letter of intent with the first application folder. Once the Department Chairperson confirms the application, the applicant is then requested to provide further supportive documents and the application folder is transferred to the ITU Rectorate along with the complementary documents for review.

If the Rectorate reaches a positive decision, then the application folder moves to a new stage at which the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) is involved. After several correspondences between the Rectorate and YÖK and assuming that everything is in full flow, the process is completed approximately in the course of a two-month period. All required documents are as follows:

- CV, including employment details for the past 10 years
- Passport size photograph
- Certificates/diplomas
- Passport photocopy
- Visa request form (provided by ITU for completion)
- Personal ID form (provided by ITU for completion)
- International Personnel form for first time employment (To be filled out by academic unit/ ITU)