Non-contracted visiting scholars, typically, visit ITU for a couple of months or up to a year to conduct their own research or to participate in productive institutional activities such as delivering a formal lecture or undertaking collaborative research with faculty or staff members.
ITU does not provide funding for non-contracted visiting scholars; they are expected to self-fund with financial means, such as sabbatical salary, personal funds, grants from their home governments, or other private organizations.

How to Apply

Non-contracted visiting scholars may come to Turkey upon invitation from local researchers and/or departments at ITU, or upon their own request. The host research center, laboratory or department informs the Dean and the Rectorate respectively. If approved, the host unit (research center, laboratory or department) prepares a formal Acceptance Letter indicating the length of the stay and stating where the research or study will be conducted and sends this letter to the applicant.
The Acceptance Letter should be prepared both in English and in Turkish and printed on an ITU-letterheaded paper with the official signature and stamp of the host unit on it.  The Turkish version will be requested if the non-contracted visiting scholar is required to apply for a Residence Permit