Depending on their category, international academic staff will be subject to different accommodation alternatives and procedures, offered and administered by different units at ITU:

1- Public Housing (Lojman): Administrative and Fiscal International Faculties on contract may benefit from public housing with the same terms and conditions valid for Turkish academics and administrative staff at ITU. Namely, they compete for the same quotas.
Housing Unit announces the opening of the applications for public housing once a year between February-March, based on the Public Housing Assignment Guidelines.
If the applicant is found eligible, a contract will be drawn up, which will be valid for up to 5 years provided that the work contract with ITU is also extended annually during this 5-year period.
The houses are not furnished in this option and the rent is deducted automatically from person’s salary on a monthly basis. For detailed information, you may visit Administrative and Fiscal Affairs Directorate/ Housing Unit which is located on the second floor of the Rectorate Building.

2- Guest Residence (Misafir Lojmanı): Health, Culture and Sports Directorate is the responsible body for the allocation of Guest Residences, which are very limited in numbers.
Guest residences are offered to International Researchers on Contract and Non-Contracted Visiting Scholars (non salaried researchers)  for a maximum of 6 months.
Visiting International Scholars (both salaried and non salaried) are required to apply to their departments for allocating a place at the Guest Residences, which are assigned only with the request of the respective department and upon the approval of the Rectorate. If the applicant is found eligible, a contract will be drawn up, which will be valid for up to 6 months. The housing contract may be extended for an additional 6-month period with the approval of the Rectorate.
Guest residences are partially-furnished and they share a common laundry room. The rent is paid on a monthly basis with a money transfer to the bank account specified on the contract.

3- Yılmaz Akdoruk Guesthouse: Non-Contracted Visiting Scholars who visit ITU on very short terms may arrange a place to stay at Yılmaz Akdoruk Guesthouse and pay on a daily basis.

For location details, please refer to the ITU Map.
Family members of the international scholars residing on Ayazağa Campus at ITU public housing or ITU guesthouses are eligible to obtain a family ID card which provide access to the campus as well as to some facilities on campus, provided that these family members have a valid Foreigner ID.

However, off-campus family residents are not eligible for a university ID. They can visit campus anytime and use the facilities as family guests.

Contact Information

For Public Housing

Administrative and Financial Affairs Directorate/ Housing Unit


0 (212) 285 35 25


For Guest Residence

Health, Culture and Sports Directorate


0 (212) 285 39 53


For Yılmaz Akdoruk Guesthouse

Bursaries and Dormitories Cordinatorship



0 (212) 285 70 60 / Extension: 7293