ITU operates two nursery schools for children aged 2 to 6, one is located on the Ayazağa Campus and the second on the Maçka Campus.

Health, Culture and Sports Directorate/ Kindergarten and Preschool Division is the responsible body for administration of nursery schools.

The ITU Development Foundation Schools, which provide education at pre-, primary-, secondary- and high-school-level are also located on the Ayazağa Campus and offer up to 50% discount for children of ITU members on the annual school fee.

Contact Information

Ayazağa Nursery School 0 (212) 285 3980
Maçka Nursery School 0 (212) 241 2015
ITU Development Foundation Schools Dr. Sedat Üründül Preschool 0 (212) 367 13 00
Dr. Natuk Birkan Primary School and Secondary School 0 (212) 367 13 00
Ekrem Elginkan High School 0 (212) 367 13 00