Health Services

Health, Culture and Sports Directorate/ Health Services Division is in charge of providing primary healthcare services for students, academic and administrative personnel, and their immediate family members at ITU with its three medical centers located at Ayazağa, Maçka, Gümüşsuyu and Taşkışla campuses.

Ayazağa Health Services Unit (Ayazağa Mediko Sosyal) which is located on the main campus serves with:
- 2 primary care physicians
- 2 dentists
- 1 psychologist
- 2 nurses
- several health technicians and
- Administrative affairs support personnel.

Emergency examinations and interventions, medical support, treatments of various complaints, medical dressing, blood pressure measurement, full blood count test, and sedimentation and urine analysis, ECG tests are among principal operations performed by Health Services Units.
Ayazağa Health Center has an ambulance for transferring patients to other hospitals when needed.
Maçka Health Services Unit (Maçka Mediko Sosyal) is also equipped with necessary infrastructure for providing primary healthcare services to students, academic and administrative personnel on Maçka Campus.

Contact Information



Ayazağa Health Unit Registration

0 (212) 285 6943

Ayazağa Health Unit Nurse Room

0 (212) 285 3935

Maçka Health Unit Registration

0 (212) 248 5100



Ambulance Driver (Day Time)

0 (535) 883 1892

Emergency Hot Line (7/24)

0 (212) 285 7777

Sports Facilities and Recreation

The Ayazağa Campus sports and recreational facilities are managed by Health, Culture and Sports Directorate/ Sports Services Division.
Sport Services Division has facilities made accessible to all university staff and students using their ITU ID card.
In coordination and with the academic support of Physical Education Department, the Sports Services Division also organizes sporting activities, besides serving as the coordinating body for all sporting facilities on campus. Current extra-curricular sports offerings include aerobics, badminton, basketball, fencing, handball, gymnastics, rowing, table tennis, taekwondo, triathlon, volleyball, among others.

Football stadium (5 100-seat capacity and an eight-lane tartan track)
- Swimming pool (Olympic sized)
- Indoor sports hall (2500-seat capacity)
- Indoor & Outdoor Volleyball Courts
- Indoor & Outdoor Basketball Courts
- Indoor & Outdoor tennis courts
- Artificial turf football pitches
- Ping-Pong tables
- Cycling path (6,5 km-long)
- Gymnasium (with extensive workout equipment)

Contact Information

Sports Services Unit

0 (212) 285 3408

Physical Education Department

0 (212) 285 3408

Olympic Swimming Pool

0 (212) 285 7118