A Turkish Residence Permit is an authorization to remain in Turkey for longer than the amount of time permitted through a visa or a permission to stay without a visa, under the purposes as settlement, working, studying or conducting research.  

A valid work permit, within the framework of the law, shall be considered as a residence permit, which means that the work permit holder is entitled to stay in Turkey without a residence permit within the period the work permit. This means that International Faculties on Contract and International Researchers on Contract at ITU are exempted from Residence Permit regulations as they are subject to a work contract and they have an official work permit.

On the other hand, the residence permit is relevant for Non-Contracted Visiting Scholar (non-salaried)  if they are expected to stay longer than the visa expiration date or the number of days granted to their passport based on their nationality, which is often between 30 to 90 days.

As a residence permit will make the travels overseas easier, allow the individual to open a bank account, and perform other administrative procedures smoothly, it is highly recommended to initiate the application process within the legal period specified under immigration regulations as soon as you arrive in Turkey and start your study/ research at ITU.

International Faculties on Contract and Contracted Visiting Researchers also may refer to the information given below as they are required to make a residence permit application for their dependants.