Travel Support

If the contract period spans at least six months, ITU will cover the expenses undertaken for travel to İstanbul at the beginning of employment and expenses for travel back to the home country at the end of employment. If the contract period is for one year or more, the travel expenses for both academic member and their spouse will be covered.

To ensure the reimbursement of return travel expenses, international academic members are required to leave Turkey within one month after contract’s expiration date. Return travel expenses will not be reimbursed if the member of staff travels abroad on leave, assignment, or abandon their duties and fail to return, thus annulling the work contract.

Travel and other expenses for temporary assignments in locations other than ITU will be compensated according to academic title.

Leaves of Absence and Vacations

International faculties who have been employed fewer than 10 years are permitted 20 days of leave. Those who have been employed more than 10 years are allowed 30 days of leave. International faculties are able to use their allotted vacation days in the current year, or they may carry over their unused vacation days onto the following year.

International faculties cannot benefit from sabbatical leave opportunities, because their contracts are renewed on a yearly basis. However, they may take unpaid leave.

Expectant staff members are entitled to 16 weeks of paid maternity leave, which will be scheduled for eight weeks before the birth and eight weeks after the birth. In the case of multiple expected births, two weeks will be added to the eight-week maternity leave that is scheduled before the birth, allowing for 10 weeks of leave pre-birth and eight weeks post-birth. After the faculty member returns from her post-birth maternity leave, class sessions/course schedules will be arranged to allow for 1.5 hours of breastfeeding leave per day for a period of one year.

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