Jul 2018
The Connoisseur for Polar Research “Prof. Dr. Yeadong Kim” at İTÜ

Istanbul Technical University’s Scientific Polar Research and Application Center is continuing to share the scientific outcomes within the scope of the Second National Antarctic Science Expedition (TAE-II) with the scientific world through meetings.

Within this framework, a workshop was held on July 18, 2018 at Suleyman Demirel Cultural Center with the participation of Turkish and Koren Scientists. Prof Dr. Yeadong Kim, Former Director of the Korean Polar Research Institute and a Connoisseur for Polar Research, attended a workshop as a guest, where The Antarctic Scientific Studies were discussed.

The speakers at the workshop, which was opened by İTÜ Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Telem Gök Sadıkoğlu, were Assoc. Dr. Burcu Özsoy, Expedition Leader of TAE II and Head of İTÜ Scientific Polar Research and Application Center, and Prof. Dr. Yeadong Kim, renown as Korean scientist for polar researchers in the scientific world.


 “Contributing to polar studies with 400 scientists”

Dr. Yeadong Kim, who shared information regarding the structure of the Korean Polar Research Institutes (KORPI), mentioned that KORPI, was established as a national institute in 2004, currently has 200 logistics staff, over 400 full-time staff including scientists and directors. In addition to this, there are many students and half-time staff. These 400 members of staff contribute to the Arctic and Antarctic studies.


“Turkey’s support for Polar Studies are impressive”

Kim, who stated that he is very happy to be amongst polar researchers in Turkey, also stated the following regarding the polar collaboration between Korea and Turkey polar sciences; “I was very impressed by the magnitude of human resources provided to this project by Turkey and the extent of the Turkish Polar Research Programs developed through other investments. I believe that Korean and Turkish Polar Programs jointly together are capable of many things and I am here for this. I came here with the support of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR). SCAR is a large international organization which supports scientific research at the Antarctic. The reason why SCAR is supporting me is due to the collaborative of the polar sciences between two countries. I am happy to be here and amongst the many Turkish Polar Researchers.


Prof. Dr. Yeadong Kim, the First and the Fourth Term President of KOPRI

Dr. Yeadong Kim, who started polar researches as an undergraduate in 1983, continued his studies after his graduation at the Korean Ocean Research and Development Institute. Dr. Kim, amongst various duties such as a project manager, was the institute manager of KOPRI, which was established in 2004, for a period of six years. His first term in management was from May 1st 2004 to April 30th 2007 and his second term was from August 2013 to July 29th 2016. Dr. Kim has worked actively in the regions of the Arctic and the Antarctic throughout the 30 year- history of the Korean Polar Research.