Nature Defines ITU as the Best Turkish State University in Research

by İTÜ | May 14, 2020
Nature Index, which ranks according to the articles published in the world’s most prestigious 82 scientific journals, published the 2019 Annual Charts. According to the ranking, which announced Turkey’s top 10 universities as for research category, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) was ranked first among public universities and placed second amongst the universities from Turkey.

The Nature universities index "The Nature Index 2020 Annual Tables", which lists the institutions and countries that undertake high quality research in the natural sciences, has been published. According to the articles published in 82 of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals, the rankings announced by Nature are made by a panel of independent experts. The Nature Index 2020 Annual Table is determined based on the number and shares of scientific articles published each year because of research conducted by academics of universities.

According to the index published on 30 April 2020 Thursday, ITU was ranked second in terms of “research” among Turkey's top 10 universities and ranked first as a state university, as for the scientific papers published between December 1, 2018-30 November 2019. ITU, in Turkey with 13.33 points, took second place following the Bilkent University. ITU ranked 9th in the general ranking of universities in the countries of the West-Asia region. In addition, ITU was announced as the best university in Turkey in the field of "Nature & Science" which ranked ITU 6th in the area of ​​West-Asia region according to the research done in this particular research field. 

nature-index-web (2)

The ranking of the articles in the Nature Index database determines the place of ITU in the ranking

According to the Nature Index, which lists the top 50 universities in the field of research in the world, as well as the institutes in the sector that have risen according to the previous ranking, ITU; has 93 scientific publications in research fields such as Physics, Chemistry, Environmental and Earth Sciences and Social Sciences. In the score obtained by dividing the publications by the number of authors and multiplying the institution by the number of authors, ITU received 13.33 with 93 articles.

Points were given based on the ranking of the top 10 universities in Turkey. While Bilkent University was the first with 14.09 points, ITU with 13.33 points was the second and Boğaziçi University was the third with 4.51 points.

The national and international percentages of the scientific research fields of ITU were also shown in proportion to the research that emerged from the collaborations. According to the data of Nature Index 2020 Annual Table, ITU publishes scientific articles because of its scientific research with 5.45 percent national and 94.55 percent international universities.