PPS Early Career Award Award to M. Reza Nofar, ITU Faculty Member

by İTÜ | Apr 30, 2020
Dr. M. Reza Nofar, Faculty Member of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department was awarded the “International Polymer Processing Society (PPS) 2020 Early Career Award”.

At the 36th science conferences organized by the International Polymer Processing Society (PPS), one of the world’s leading organizations in polymer engineering, Dr. M. Reza Nofar was entitled to receive the “PPS Early Career Award” this year. 

“This award is an honor for me”

Dr. Nofar is awarded by the PPS for his internationally overqualified and outstanding work. Nofar shared his feelings and thoughts about the award with ITU News, quoted:

“Being awarded by one of the world’s two major polymer engineering associations, International Polymer Processing Society, is noteworthy for me, my university and my country. As a member of the association, it is an honor for me to be qualified for this award with the selection of the most respected scientists in the world.”

Nofar will receive his prize in the fall due to the pandemic

Dr. Reza Nofar, expected to receive his award as part of the PPS 36th science conference in Montreal, Canada in May 2020, stated that the ceremony was postponed to autumn due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Nofar, who achieved significant success at a young age, described the focus of his research, quoted, “I developed my work to be used in daily, engineering and biomedical applications. Environmentally friendly biopolymeric systems include, in particular, micro-cellular foam, blend, blend nanocomposite, nanocomposites of polylactic acid (PLA) as well as lightweight, multi-functional nanocomposite materials for electronics and energy applications.” 

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About Dr. M. Reza Nofar

In 2005, Nofar received his bachelor's degree from the Materials Engineering Department of Sharif Technical University, Iran. Obtaining MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Montreal Concordia in 2008 and PhD from the University of Toronto in 2013, Dr. Reza Nofar worked as a researcher at Canada National Research Council during masters and doctoral studies (2008-2009). He worked as a post-doctoral researcher in McGill University and Polytechnique de Montreal in 2013-2015, and also worked as a part-time lecturer at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Concordia University. Nofar has been working at as a faculty member of ITU Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department since August 2015. Nofar, who also established the Polymers and Nanocomposites Laboratory in our university, has H-index 26, i10-index 33 and the total number of citations is above 2660 so far. "Polylactide Foams: Fundamentals, Manufacturing, and Applications", book written by him was published by Elsevier and was translated to Chinese. Nofar has 3 book chapters, 3 patents, 55 articles in journals within the scope of international citation indexes, 80 conference publications and more than 40 industrial workshops, reports and presentations. He is the owner of many international and institutional awards and scholarships such as “FQRNT PDF”, “NSERC-Alexander Graham Bell”, “FQRNT PhD” and “Queen Elizabeth II”. While Nofar won the PPS 2017 Young Researcher Travel Award in PPS 33, he also received the “Young Scientist” award by the Science Heroes Association in our country.