Professor Yağcı Honored with Humboldt Research Award

by İTÜ | Mar 19, 2019
Prof. Yusuf Yağcı, internationally renowned for his research on Polimeric Chemistry at ITU was granted the Humboldt Research Award. The Humboldt Research Award,

Professor Yağcı Honored with Humboldt Research Award

Prof. Yusuf Yağcı, internationally renowned for his research on Polymer Chemistry at ITU was granted the Humboldt Research Award.  The Humboldt Research Award, a prestigeous science award, is given by the Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) foundation in Germany.

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Prof. Yağcı, an academic member of ITU, Faculty of Sciences and Letter, Department of Chemistry, will enable the collaboration between ITU and German universities with the Humboldt Research Award.   Yağcı has been invited to Germany, where he will increase international scientific collaboration through the opportunity of scientific studies for up to a year with a research group of his own choice.  The prestigious award, given to Prof. Yağcı for his contribution to scientfic research, will be presented to him on 31st March, at the 47th Research Awards Symposium to be held in Bamberg, Germany.

Life long support to scientific research

Prof. Helmut Schlaad from Potsdam University nominated Prof. Yağcı for the Humboldt Award, which is given to specialists in their fields.  Through this reward, Prof. Yağcı, will add to his existing work through the scientific research that will be carried out in the field of polymer chemistry with German scientists.  The Humboldt Research Award takes research studies into consideration and is an indicator of an increasing contribution to science.  The award is in the value of 60 thousand Euros and will serve the aim of a lifelong support for research that will be carried out by Prof. Yağcı and German Scientists.

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Prof. Yağcı relies on young scientists

Prof. Yağcı, a scientist who has been carrying out academic studies at ITU, Turkey since 1980, stated that he felt honoured because he received a substantial international award and he added that the award would lead to increasing ongoing scientific collaboration with German scientists. Prof Yağcı also believes that young scientists of our university will obtain great achievements with hard work, even in difficult conditions.

Prof. Yağcı, in addition to many awards given in Turkey, has been granted many international awards such as Japan Polymer Society (2008), Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC)-Comstech (2011), OIC Science and Technology Achievement Award (2017), Royal Society of Chemistry Fellow (UK) (2017), International Belgian Polymer Group Award (2018) and Japan Photopolymer Society Best Paper Award (2018).

Humbolt Research Award is given to 100 scientists from all fields of specialisation every year

The AvH Foundation, which has a wide network, of more than 27.000 academics and researchers, of which 54 have received the Nobel Prize, provides 2000 scientists from 140 various countries with research opportunities in Germany.

Amongst many awards, the Humbolt Research Award is awarded to scientists who make great contributions to science in their field at an international level and establish a new theory with scientific researches and basic discoveries in their field.

Scientists that have received this award from Turkey are, Prof. Dr. Oktay Sinanoğlu, Prof. Dr. Ziya Akçasu, Prof. Dr. Sadık Kakaç, Prof. Dr. Nihat Berker, Prof. Dr. Okyay

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