Prof. Dr. Dan McKeznie of Cambridge World-renowned Earth Scientist

by İTÜ | Oct 17, 2018
Earth Sciences with Prof. Dr. Dan McKeznie of Cambridge World-renowned Earth Scientist Prof. Dr. Dan McKenzie is at İTÜ

Earth Sciences with Prof. Dr. Dan McKeznie of Cambridge World-renowned Earth Scientist Prof. Dr. Dan McKenzie is at İTÜ

İstanbul Technical University continues to host world-renowned scientists and bring them together with İTÜ students and researchers. 

Cambridge University Professor Dan McKenzie, one of the most prominent earth scientists who achieved many significant success and awards, met with scholars and students within the framework of İstanbul Technical University (İTÜ) Eurasian Earth Sciences Institute. 

The seminar took place at İTÜ Faculty of Mines İhsan Ketin Conference Hall, with the attendance of large number of scholars, besides Prof. Dr. Celal Şengör of Faculty of Mines. In his speech, Prof. Dr. Celal Şengör was quoted “Undoubtedly, today, Dan McKenzie is the greatest earth scientist alive. He is a dear companion of our university for a long time. He has become a bridge between many İTÜ scholars and Cambridge. He is a fantastic person and we are very happy to host him at our University.”

In his speech, Prof. Dr. McKenzie gave significant information about volcanism and mantle convection in the Middle East and Central Africa. Dan McKenzie, who has been researching on Turkey’s tectonics since 1987, emphasized that earth’s crust moving and data flow is more calculable compared to the past. Prof. McKeznie, who almost pictures the earth movements in the Middle East and Africa with his research, drawed great interest of İTÜ scholars and students with his remarkable presentation. 

Who is Dan McKenzie? 

McKenzie, who owns Crafoord Prize which is deemed to be the Nobel Prize of Earth Sciences, succeeded numerous significant research regarding the emergence of plate formations constituting the earth, comparative movements of the plates and the reasons behind such movements. McKenzie developed a stretching model, which is being used by all petroleum companies in petrol research studies and he is recognized as one of the founders of plate tectonics theory, which has a revolutionary impact in Earth Sciences. McKenzie, who has spent his whole academic life at Cambridge, conducted his doctoral studies with famous physicist Sir Edward C. Bullard and he still continues his research at Bullard Laboratories in Cambridge. McKenzie, who was awarded by the Order of the Companions of Honour by Queen Elisabeth II, contributed at a great extent to Turkey’s geology with his remarkable studies. 


Royal Society Fellow (FRS), 1976 
Wollaston Medal, The Geological Society, 1983 
Rutherford Commemoration Conference, 1988
Arthur L. Day Medal, 1989 
Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1992
Royal Society Research Professor Award, 1996 
William Bowie Medal, 2001 
Crafoord Prize Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 2002 
Order of the Companions of Honour by Queen Elizabeth II, 2003 
Copley Medal, 2011