Sep 2020

In the global COVID-19 epidemic conditions, which also affected our country, the method of education and training has been discussed in detail by the authorized boards of our university and the alternatives have been evaluated.

It is seen that the epidemic is in an increasing trend throughout the country. Since more than half of our undergraduate students reside outside of Istanbul, it has been evaluated that the risk of spreading the disease is high in case of intercity travels and especially if our students stay in the dormitories. Protecting the health of our students, faculty and administrative staff is among our sensitivities.

For the reasons explained above, in the global COVID-19 epidemic period affecting our country as well, it has been decided to conduct undergraduate and graduate education in the 2020-2021 Fall Semester by distance education method, except for the studies mentioned below:

·         For the graduation project and design project studies, our students and faculty members will continue their studies one-on-one in compulsory situations and provided that necessary measures are taken.

·         Studies in the laboratories in master's and PhD education will continue with the necessary precautions.

·         Internship studies can be carried out face to face in the fall semester upon the request of our students and the approval of the relevant companies.

Interviews for 2020-2021 Fall Semester Graduate and PhD applications will be held online.

 It is announced with respect to the stakeholders of Istanbul Technical University.

Istanbul Technical University Rectorate