Mar 2018
7 Day Short Academic Exchange Program from İTÜ to the Best Technical Universities of Europe: ATHENS

İTÜ is offering a one week course in March and November for undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. students as part of a program called Advanced Technology Higher Education Network / Socrates (ATHENS) in partnership with the most prestigious technical universities in 15 European countries. 

İTÜ began to participate in the ATHENS student exchange program in 2007, with courses that have been developed in proportion to technological developments in recent years. Within the framework of the collaboration, courses are organized to be short and intensified, lasting 7 days. Students from different nationalities participate in scientific courses in engineering and social sciences. With courses taught by specialist lecturers, students have the chance to see the education systems of other universities in Europe. In addition to the courses, social and cultural activities called "European Dimension" are carried out for students, providing them with a better understanding of the city and its culture. Each program includes 30 hours of scientific as well as 10-15 hours of "European Dimension" activities weekly.

İTÜ leads in ATHENS, celebrating its 20th Anniversary of Innovation and Technology Transfer

The 20th anniversary of the Paris Mines Tech-based ATHENS program was held in December. A “Letter of Intent” signing ceremony was held among representative members of partner universities. Our International Relations Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Cafer Özkul, and Advisor to the Rector, Asst. Prof. Dr. Gülsen Uçarkuş attended the event. At the event discussing Industry 4.0 and innovation, the success of ITU’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and university-industry cooperation were explained by our representative, Asst. Prof. Dr. Gülsen Uçarkuş. The success of the student founded startups following graduation was emphasized. Also, within the scope of "Social Effects of Technology and Innovation" proposed by ParisTech, İTÜ will be one of the representatives of ATHENS Innovation and Technology with its course, "Comparative Study of Innovation and Technology Transfer" at the meetings focusing on "Value Added Ph.D. Programs". In addition, work has started on an Erasmus + project titled "Innovative training courses for European doctoral candidates" of which İTÜ will be part of. 

95% of İTÜ Students who apply to the program are accepted

In 2017, a total of 3,212 students attended the academic courses offered on more than 100 topics, twice a year at the best technical universities in Europe. As for İTÜ, the total number of students participating in ATHENS in 2017, was 46. The total number of students who came to attend classes in the last two semester of the year was 53. There were 37 applications submitted to the ATHENS program for March (deadline January 24) this year from ITU, 23 of which were formally processed by having the students bring their applications to our International Relations office. It is expected that 95% of our students recommended for the March courses of the ATHENS program will be accepted.

You can find detailed information about the program here or here.