Feb 2018
Ukrainian - Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Center Opens

The National Technical University of Ukraine Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute’s (NTU 'KhPI') Rector, Prof. Dr. Sokol E.I. presented Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca with an "Honorary Doctor" title as announced by the decision of the senate. The decision was announced at the opening ceremony of the Ukrainian - Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Center where it was stated that Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca was awarded the title of "Honorary Doctor" due to his contributions to higher education at the international level and his efforts in forming the partnership established between the two universities. 


Ukrainian-Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Center Opens

At the opening of the Ukrainian - Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Center, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca and NTU "KhPI" Rector, Prof. Dr. Sokol E.I. spoke together. Research and development of innovative technologies, electronics, engineering, and aviation are planned to be jointly carried out at the center.


ITU Rector, Prof.Dr. Mehmet Karaca said that in the Turkish and Ukrainian joint partnership in science, ITU is undertaking a bridge role. "The center will contribute to the academic exchanges, and foster new ideas and start-ups, providing a platform where information can be commercialized," said Karaca, who stressed that such a center is needed in order to share intellectual know-how between the two countries and to increase collaboration 


It will be a kind of incubation center abroad. It will also stand out as a center for technology transfer. In Ukraine there is good knowledge accumulation of serious works from motors to aircraft, from electronics to radar techniques. We will also bring ITU’s academic knowledge to this center. The Center will host ITU, Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, Ukrainian Aviation and Radio Electronics Institute, and several other universities. The Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute will be the center of the collaboration.


Cooperation Protocol Signed

A cooperation protocol covering the fields of education, research and development between the Ukrainian-Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Center, NTU "KPI" and ITU was signed. ITU Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, NTU "KhPI" Rector, Sokol E.I., ITU Institute of Informatics Director, Prof. Dr. Ertuğrul Karaçuha, and Vice-Rector of NTU "KhPI", Veliev E.I, were present. Rector Karaca said that the partnership would continue to strengthen scientific, technical, academic and cultural ties with the world's leading universities and that the protocol signed would further strengthen relations between the two universities in the fields of education and scientific research. Karaca pointed out that, in the 21st century, education should not only be focused on research, but that universities should now also add innovation and entrepreneurship to their programs: "Universities should make a few billion-dollar corporations one by one. It must evolve within" Karaca said. Karaca pointed out that there is a principle that science is made for the society of today, "The society is turning towards providing higher standards of life and contributing to technological development and expression.