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by İTÜ | Jun 01, 2020
ITU Promotion and Preference Days, one of the traditional events of our university, are planned to be held in online platforms and live broadcasts in accordance with pandemic measures. This year, prospective students will again plan their careers with ITU, Turkey’s first Technical University, saying #GOALISITU.

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Every year, we host more than 30 thousand university candidate high school students in our campuses and help them to discover the opportunities and educational culture of our university. This year, we carry ITU Promotion and Preference Days to online platforms within the scope of pandemic measures. Students and parents from all over Turkey will have the opportunity to meet our faculty members, alumni and students, extending beyond the distances. 

Candidate students who want to explore the social life and privileges of being a member of ITU will find answers to their questions about entrepreneurship ecosystem, Erasmus opportunities, and dormitory and scholarship opportunities in ITU.

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Towards the 250th anniversary of ITU and 100th anniversary of our Republic

5 Campuses in Istanbul: Ayazağa, Gümüşsuyu, Maçka, Taşkışla and Tuzla

ITU Ayazağa Campus spreads over an area of 1 million 600 thousand square meters, of which 650 thousand square meters is forest, in Istanbul’s business and commercial center Maslak. The Faculties of Computing and Informatics, Electrical-Electronics, Science-Literature, Shipbuilding and Marine Sciences, Construction, Chemistry-Metallurgy, Mining, and Aircraft and Space Sciences are located on this campus. While one of our historical city campuses, Gümüşsuyu, Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design are located, there are Faculty of Business, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Turkish Music State Conservatory and Faculty of Architecture in Taşkışla. We have a Maritime Faculty in Tuzla. Our campuses are located in the central points of Istanbul are easily accessible by vehicles such as metro, cable car and bus.

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2000+ academics with huge academic staff and 500+ professors

ITU has a dynamic academic staff over 500 Professors, more than 250 Associate Professors, nearly 350 Assistant Professors and approximately 650 Research Assistants.

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24/7 Open Mustafa Inan Library, more than 3 million printed and digital works

ITU is a leading research university. Our libraries feed this quality. Our library system is an integral part of the education, training and research activities carried out at ITU. With its digital infrastructure in 5 campuses and 8 points, it provides fast and efficient access to information with its modern facilities and systems. According to 2019 data, ITU Libraries have a rich information-document with 461,628 e-books and 74,432 e-magazines, 6,000 rare works, 5,672 maps, 215 databases, and 1,012,207 publications and 2,112,000 electronic theses.

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400+ R&D Labs and 15+ Research Centers

As a university focused on scientific research, experimentation and technology development, we strengthen the professional development of our students with more than 400 R&D Laboratories, and undertake sectoral collaborations, community and technology oriented research.

With over 15 research centers that conduct a wide range of research, from space research to aviation and defense technologies, from technological farming practices to smart cities, from developing new materials to entrepreneurship, social innovation, disaster management, satellite communications, biotechnology and polar researches, ITU community works with the spirit of unity for the construction of a good future. 

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Accreditation: ABET, NAAB, IMO, IFLA and Competent Engineering Certificate

ITU is the university with the most accreditation in the world. With 25 programs with ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) accreditation, our University provides education equivalent to the most important universities in the USA.

Our Architecture program, accredited by NAAB (The National Architectural accrediting Board) is the first architecture program in Turkey that has an accreditation. Our students studying in ITU Marine Sciences are included in the education program with international equivalence, thanks to IMO (International Maritime Organization) accreditation.

IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects) accreditation, the first and only accreditation Turkey, given to the Department of Landscape Architecture at ITU.

With the “Competent Engineering Certificate”, which is an exam held in only 5 centers, including ITU, provides eligibility to sign international projects.

ITU DDP - International Dual Degree Programs

Our students who are trained in the International Dual Degree Programs complete some of their education at ITU and the other at the partner university and get a bachelor's degree from both universities. Civil Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Economics, Management, Architecture, Fashion Design, Textile Development and Marketing, Maritime Transport and Management Engineering, and Ship Machinery and Management Engineering are provided with partner universities in the United States, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Azerbaijan. 

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Multicultural education Erasmus

ITU sends students to different universities in Europe every year with Erasmus agreements. ITU, one of the first universities to implement the Erasmus exchange program, has over 350 Erasmus agreements. The experience of living and studying abroad, which is gained at undergraduate level, provides future engineers with a competitive advantage.

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Social Opportunities such as Dormitory, Scholarship and Refectory are Indispensable for ITU

More than 4700 students are provided with accommodation in 15 dormitories located in our campuses. Over 9000 students who successfully represent ITU in academic, arts or sports are supported by various scholarships. More than 2000 students benefit from the food scholarship provided by ITU Rectorate every year.

ITU refectory offers its students healthy, balanced and hygienic nutrition at an affordable price. Food engineers prepare the menus, which include vegan and vegetarian main course options.

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45 Thousand + Square Meters Sports Area Equals to Health

ITU sees sports as a lifestyle. Sports halls, courts and fields spread over 45 thousand square meters in our campuses are an integral part of the life of the ITU family. All Istanbulites come together in tournaments and competitions organized by our sports clubs in our campuses, where courses and trainings are given in dozens of different sports ranging from swimming to fencing, from pilates to tennis, from basketball to quidditche, from badminton to frisbee.

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200+ Student Clubs and Project Teams

More than 200 clubs at İTÜ operate in 3 categories as Culture-Art and Thought, Sports and Specialty Clubs. Thanks to our active clubs with more than 20 thousand members, ITU has a rich calendar of events throughout the year.

Our teams such as Rocket, Robotic Search Rescue, Mars vehicle, Digital Fabrication, Facilis Automobile, Racing, Rover and Rov, Rov, Solar Car are established with a professional relationship during their student years. ITU Project teams continue to score well in international competitions with the support of the university.

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The 54th and the 29th Greenest Campus of the World #ITUYesilKampus is waiting for you!

Istanbul Technical University is a green campus where natural life is preserved and sustainable landscape is dominant, with priority for bicycles and pedestrians. We are the only university from Placed in #54 in the International greenmetric (Green Measurements) rankings of 780 universities all over the world, ITU ranked in the top 100 as the only university from Turkey. #ITUGreenCampus, where 25 square meters of green area per person falls, includes 650 thousand square meters of forested area, minimum carbon emission, efficient use of rainwater, zero waste work and 6 kilometers of cycle paths.

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Start Your Career at the End of First Year

ITU students have the opportunity to do an internship, either in Turkey or abroad, through student unions like IAESTE or AIESEC. 

İTÜ Career Center creates job and internship opportunities for our students with its various career activities and free career counseling services.

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Entrepreneurship Ecosystem: 300 R&D Companies in ITU Arı Teknokent

With its 51 million dollars export, realized by ITU Arı Teknokent holds the highest export of Turkey, and open up technology companies of different sizes and entrepreneurs prepared to change the future to the world market. With 300 R&D companies, 600 simultaneous projects, 3 thousand successful projects, our Teknokent provides our students with internship opportunities and job opportunities after graduation. Our students at İTÜ Seed and İTÜ GİNOVA Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, which is among the top 5 university incubation centers of the world, strengthens their relations with the business world while sprouting their ideas.

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160 Thousand + Living Graduates

Founded in 1773, ITU is a very large family with graduated bees spread all over the world. The pride of being a member of ITU, which starts early as a student, continues even stronger after graduation. The communication network consisting of 160 thousand graduates, Annual ITU Day, where different generations come together every year, and the online ITU Alumni Platform provides deep lifelong friendships to ITU family beyond business and environmental opportunities.