"Wakeham Prize" Award to Our Research Assistant, Cihad Delen

by İTÜ | Jun 01, 2020
Cihad Delen, researcher of ITU Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Department, was awarded the “The Royal Institution of Naval Architects Wakeham Prize”.

Our research assistant, engineer Cihad Delen received the “Wakeham Prize”, which is awarded to researchers aged 35 and under by the London-based, internationally renowned, The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) in shipbuilding and shipping. Delen was entitled to receive the award with his article titled “Telfer’s GEOSIM Method Revisited by CFD” prepared in supervision of Prof. Dr. Şakir Bal, faculty member of Shipbuilding and Marine Sciences.

Cihad Delen's award-winning article, "Telfer’s GEOSIM Method Revisited by CFD", was published in the indexed journal, named International Journal of Maritime Engineering in 2019.

CFD Calculations for Ship Resistance of Our Researcher brough the award

Among his research areas including investigating numerical and experimental uncertainties about ship resistance and ship propulsion issues and developing hydrodynamic extrapolation methods,  in his article, Delen applied the Computational Fluid Dynamics-CFD approach to the GEOSIM method, where Telfer calculated the ship resistance at full scale. Delen, who researched k-e turbulence model for three different scales and URANS (Unstable Reynolds Mean Navier-Stokes) method for three different scales, as well as the numerical results calculated by Telfer's GEOSIM method on different model scales, predicted full-scale ship resistance. In order to verify the findings of the mathematically reached calculations, a model scale experimental study was conducted at ITU Ata Speech System Ship Experiment Laboratory and the results of Telfer's GEOSIM method were calculated in full compliance with the CFD approach.

About Research Assistant Cihad Delen

After graduating from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, Cihad Delen completed his master’s degree in Istanbul Technical University Department of Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering in 2015. Delen is continuing his doctorate studies in the same department. Delen, whose research includes ship resistance and ship propulsion; has investigated numerical and experimental uncertainties and developed hydrodynamic extrapolation methods. Delen has been working as a research assistant at ITU Faculty of Shipbuilding and Marine Sciences and a researcher at ITU Ata Speech Ship Model Experiment Laboratory since 2013.