ITU ARI Teknokent mobilized in combating novel coronavirus outbreak

by İTÜ | Apr 15, 2020
ITU scientists and ITU ARI Teknokent companies and entrepreneurs made important contributions to the struggle with the novel coronavirus outbreak with their solutions.

Innovations brought by technology and innovation capabilities are of great importance in the fight against the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19), which affects the whole world. ITU ARI Teknokent companies and entrepreneurs, who have developed solutions for many needs from low cost respiratory support devices to stretchers for infected patients, have been mobilized to contribute to the process.

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Rapid Pathogen test kit diagnoses coronavirus in 90 minutes

Bioeksen, one of the biotechnology companies of ITU ARI Teknokent, has developed a rapid pathogen kit that can diagnose coronavirus in a short time of 90 minutes. The kit, which emerged with the joint R&D work of the T. C. Ministry of Health and the Virology Laboratory of the General Directorate of Public Health (HSGM) and started mass production, is expected to strengthen the hand of healthcare personnel in the fight against the coronavirus, which swept the world. Providing information about the kit they developed, Bioan founder Canan Zöhre Ketre Kolukırık said, “When the new coronavirus epidemic occurred, HSGM and Bioeksen, which have already been in cooperation, took a quick in a short period of time and developed a kit for the detection of the virus (SARS-CoV-2) leading to the pandemic, under the guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO). Bioeksen went into production of this kit. The difference we have developed from other counterparts in the world is that it gives clinically correct results in a precise diagnosis of the virus in a short time, in about 90 minutes.”

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Special mask for healthcare professionals from ITU ARI Teknokent

Protective masks that healthcare workers need, are produced in 3D printers at ITU Magnet Fab, a digital production center located in ITU ARI Teknokent. ITU Industrial Products Design Department and ITU Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School (ITU MTAL) supported the project carried out by ITU Magnet Fab with 3D visors.

Stating that the mask produced specifically for healthcare workers has passed the tests successfully, ITU Magnet Fab Coordinator Çınar Topaloğlu said, “In the first stage, we sent 100 masks produced daily to 10 different hospitals for free. We also tripled the daily production according to the demands from the hospitals. We distribute the masks we produce on a voluntary basis for free. Hospitals who want to buy a mask can send their requests to us from” 

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Paper Coins to be disinfected in ATM

Taking action following the announcement that the virus is transmitted through physical contact, ITU ARI Teknokent company Money Shower has developed a new disinfection module for the purification of paper money from microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. Thanks to the system integrated into the ATMs, paper money will be disinfected while it is still in the ATM.

Pointing out that paper money touches 150 different people in a month, Money Shower Co-founder Furkan Eruçan stated that there is an average of 500 different varieties of 26 thousand bacteria on paper money in European countries. Eruçan said, “Coins also contain the same number of bacteria. These numbers are enough to make people sick. Now, those who want to withdraw money from the ATM can withdraw their money in a disinfected manner by 99 percent thanks to the module we have integrated.”

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Coronavirus spread will be monitored by mobile application

The R&D company Boni Global, located in ITU ARI Teknokent, has announced that it has developed a mobile application that aims to slow down the speed of the spread of the Novel Coronavirus and works via mobile phone communication. Saying that curfews or restrictions have been imposed in many countries in the fight against the Novel Coronavirus pandemic that affects the whole world, Boni Global CEO Sarper Sılaoğlu said, “There are those who cannot choose to stay at home because of the job or the responsibilities they have to fulfill. In order to support them, we have developed an application that will help fight this global threat.” 

Stating that a special match code is created for each user in the mobile application they developed, the interactions between users are tracked using a combination of proximity and location technologies, and that these interactions are kept tracked, “When a user is reported to be exposed to the virus, his special match code is marked as ‘at risk’ and the app sends notification to all match codes that communicate with it.” Sılaoğlu said that with the application, the spread of the pandemic can be followed.

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With eConnect, doctors can monitor their patients remotely

Ceiba Tele ICU, which operates in ITU ARI Teknokent, has developed a software that doctors can control their patients remotely. Software named "eConnect" provides instant data flow from bedside devices (monitors and respiratory devices) with the technology installed in isolation and quarantine rooms.

Afşar Alp, CEO of CEIBA Tele ICU, which develops technologies to save patients’ lives under intensive care in the field of tele health and advanced health technologies, said, “We have implemented our system that provides remote control of novel coronavirus infected patients in public hospitals. This system collects data from all medical devices in the intensive care patient’s bedside, gathering data and delivering it to doctors and nurses as if they were physically by the patient. By helping them get early warning about their patients with artificial intelligence and alarms, we are perhaps helping them to save their patients’ lives.”