A First Place Triumph from Our International Student

by İTÜ | Jul 10, 2018
This year’s highest ranking student of our university is Shokrullah Sorosh, an international student from the Department of Civil Engineering.

This year’s highest ranking student of our university is Shokrullah Sorosh, an international student from the Department of Civil Engineering. Sorosh, who has graduated with a 3.99 out of 4.00 GPA, has stated “wherever in the world, I will represent İTÜ in the best possible way.”


This year, Shokrullah Sorosh, from the Department of Civil Engineering, graduated ranking first from our university with a 3.99 out of 4.00 GPA.  Shokrullah, who was born in 1994 in Ghazni in Afghanistan, moved to Kabul with his family in 2007 after the war was over.

His father, who could not continue his own education after high school due to the difficult conditions in the country, played a significant role in shaping Shokrullah’s education life. His father supported him to study abroad and imbued him with being awarded a scholarship in order to study in Turkey.

He came to Turkey 5 years ago

Shokrullah described his preparation process before coming to İTÜ as follows:

“My father always encouraged me and told me that it would be better for me to study abroad and be awarded a scholarship. For this reason, I also always worked hard. After I graduated ranking first from high school, I took university exam. I became one of those who took the highest score. I was entitled to study at İTÜ, receiving Afghanistan Government Scholarship to study in Turkey. Firstly, I studied in the Department of Civil Engineering at Kabul University for one year. After one semester, I came to Turkey in 2013.”


Friendship at İTÜ is unique!

Shokrullah stated that he got accustomed to living in Turkey in a short time thanks to his friends at İTÜ. He said “My friends always supported me. At first step, I did not have a goal to become highest ranking student of the school. As time passed by, I discovered the potential in myself. At first semester, my GPA was 3.95. My friends told me that I would become the top student of the school at this rate. I studied systematically and I made a self-sacrifice in order to achieve.”


One of the best moments of my life

 Shokrullah described the moment of learning to be highest-ranking student of the school as “one of the happiest moments in my life”. Shokrullah, who has felt resentment because his family could not come to the graduation ceremony, has indicated that the conditions in Turkey are really good, and added that “one of my siblings wants to be a surgeon and the other one wants to be an electrical engineer. I hope that they will come here as well. Like me, my siblings also want to study under such circumstances.”


I will continue my education

Shokrullah has stated that he wants to continue his education and added; “I want to do a master degree and a doctorate. I also want to carry out recent studies. I want to be beneficial to everybody. The universities in Turkey have vast research opportunities. I will work not only for my country but also for all people and science world. This summer, I am going to work in an earthquake research project in Japan.”


Being from İTÜ is a pride!

Shokrullah, taking pride in being from İTÜ, finished his speech by inviting university candidates to İTÜ as follows:

“My first goal was to improve my academic background and technical competence.  Yet, for me İTÜ is not only just an educational institution, İTÜ has high sentimental value.  İTÜ has made a great contribution to me in terms of both education and social aspects, providing me with elaborate laboratories and libraries, experienced academic members, international exchange programs and great opportunities to take part in competitions in different arenas. For this reason, I am grateful to İTÜ.  In the future, wherever in the world, in both my education and professional life, I will try to represent İTÜ in the best possible way.  As I mentioned before, due to the fact that İTÜ has warm family atmosphere, highly qualified academic members, well-equipped laboratories and libraries, and social activities, I strongly recommend İTÜ to all students.”