We Hosted the Outstanding Scientist Dr. Hayat Sindi at İTÜ

by İTÜ | Feb 23, 2018
Known for her new initiatives in science and economics, her research interests in biomedical research into human life and the introduction
Known for her new initiatives in science and economics, her research interests in biomedical research into human life and the introduction of health services in developing countries under her leadership, Dr. Hayat Sindi participated in Istanbul Technical University’s (ITU) presentation of the "Participation and Transformation Platform" program at the Ayazağa Campus.

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In the program, he presented segments from her inspirational life story. Dr. Hayat Sindi emphasized the obstacles she faced in her educational life, the difficulties she faced, her passion and thirst for knowledge, the work she did to facilitate human life, and the existence and discovery of scientists who could shed some light on developing countries. Dr. Hayat Sindi presented her findings at the "Participation and Transformation Platform" to promote the Dr. Sindi Islamic Development Bank.

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A life dedicated to education and knowledge

Dr. Hayat Sindi began her studies at the Faculty of Medicine after successfully completing middle and high school education in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Despite many difficulties and obstacles in the beginning, she was able to progress on her path spurred on by her determination and desire to succeed. Sindi, who wanted to do research since childhood, has won the support of the community, including her doctorate in biotechnology. Her dream was to study abroad, but this was financially impossible. She was the eldest of eight siblings, and due to girls being ineligible for scholarships in her country, she lost 2 years. However, when her family saw how unhappy she was, they decided to trust her and do everything in their power to send her abroad to study. She arrived in England to fulfill her lifelong dreams, only to find out that her education from her country would not be recognized abroad and had to study again, graduating from King's College with a Pharmacology diploma. In the early days at Cambridge University, where she completed her doctorate in 2001, it was quite motivating for a well-known scientist to tell her that she would succeed if she was not shy, but rather confident in herself.

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World-renowned woman in science

After her university education, she continued her studies without losing any time. She looked to role models who have made important contributions to the welfare of mankind in various fields, such as Ibn-i Sina, El-Khwarizmi, Einstein, and Marie Curie. Dr. Sindi emphasized how important science is in the development of humanity, stating: "I wanted to make a difference in the world and to be a scientist like them. Being smart and resourceful is not enough for innovations that make a real leap forward in changing people's lives. It will be with the help of science to achieve better in the name of humanity.”

Participating in scientific events, especially in Saudi Arabia and the Muslim World, she worked to increase the number of women in science; Sindi is also interested in the problem of brain drain. In 2011, Sindi, who founded the Institute of Ideology and Initiative (i2), which was created to encourage innovative work among young people, especially scientists, technology experts and engineers, and also aims to promote entrepreneurial ecosystem development to raise the level of education in the Middle East. In Saudi Arabia, she planned to establish a worldwide Center for Biotechnology Excellence with the support of Harvard and MIT. Dr. Sindi, during her visit to Harvard, made wonderful discoveries with extremely cost-effective products and was offered a position in a science laboratory that brought real products to communities in need.

Sindi is working on systems that combine the work of biotechnology and microfluidics to provide a cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions that impacts 60 percent of the world's diagnostic problems in healthcare. One of Dr. Hayat Sindi’s most fundamental contributions to science and industry was her design of a machine that combines the effects of light and ultra-sound for use in an esoteric field of biotechnology. Prospective producers and commercial partners, including the UK aerospace industry and NASA, offered $ 350 million of R&D support. She also participated in biotechnological studies that have shown that it is possible to convert sewage water to pure water with zero cost. This project is jointly run with Exeter and Cambridge universities.

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The Inventive Explorer

Dr. Hayat Sindi won the "Mecca Al Mukaram Scientific Innovation Award" presented by Prince Khalid Al-Faisal in 2010. She was awarded the title of "2011 Emerging Explorer" by the National Geographic Society and was listed on Newsweek's 2012 "150 Women Shaking the World" list. In 2012, she became a UNESCO "Goodwill Ambassador" due to her work with scientists and engineers to create entrepreneurship ecosystem and social innovation in the Middle East. She was one of the first 30 women who were appointed to the "Shura Council," Saudi Arabia's highest advisory body. She formed the "UN Scientific Advisory Board" to make recommendations to the UN for leadership in science, technology and innovation for sustainable development. Dr. Sindi was chosen as one of the strongest Arab women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by 2nd ranked Forbes. In 2015, Sindi was invited as an honorary advisor to the United Nations Environmental program “World Summit." In Berlin she was named by the Robert Bosch Academy as one of "50 Academics and Think Tanks." Between 2014 and 2015, she gave lectures all over the world to promote awareness and encourage children to pursue science by sharing her life stories. In early 2016, she was appointed by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon of the UN Security Council, to support the Technological Facilitation Mechanism for Sustainable Development Goals (TFM) in the group of Ten Members. Finally, Dr. Sindi was asked by the Malaysian Prime Minister to participate in the "Science and Innovation Consultation" council to support the country's Vision 2020 plan.